AVNation is a family run business and was formed by Greg Corfield, one of the founding members of Sky’s V.I.P team. The business has one aim, which is to offer you top service, help and advice in a friendly down to earth way.

  Are you getting the most out of your TV licence?

  Are you fed up with messy cablinginside or outside of your house?

.  Do you have problems with your Freeview or Sky TV channels?


.  Do you require foreign language television?


.  Do you need more memory on your Sky+ box


AVNation was set up by Greg Corfield in August 2006.

Greg had previously been working with BSkyB in the VIP team, which he co founded, as well as one of London’s largest aerial installation companies.
Greg was with Sky long before the days of digital TV, and he actually carried out one of the very first digital test installs, whilst the VIP team was being founded.

He changed with sky through time as Sky became Sky Digital and then through the testing and launch of Sky+. He was also part of the 3 man team that formed Sky’s technical support team for sky’s installers, so would be involved in fault finding at the highest level. The VIP team prided themselves on the standard of their work, with Sky allowing the team the time they needed to carry out a full and quality install.

Whilst installing for Sky, Greg had the pleasure of installing TV systems for many of the rich and famous that we all see on our tellies on a Saturday night, along with many journalists and high profile company directors.
Greg had a dream to own and run his own business, so he felt this was the perfect time to move on and start to work on his dream. So about two years ago after making this decision to leave Sky Greg moved on into the terrestrial aerial industry. Although he had a good understanding of this area he felt it would be of huge benefit to him to be installing aerials all day long all week. He used this time wisely to build AVNation in the background.

This was the birth of AVNation.

Greg decided his main focus of the business was to be on customer service providing bespoke solutions for customers at the right price and with the best service.
Upon starting AVNation Greg felt that he would have a slow few months. Well all I can say is he wishes! The business took right off from the word go. The business is still growing and going well.

AVNation has now formed a very close relationship with an ICT company based in Hemel, CBH Computers. This relationship you might think was a bit of a strange one, but in fact with the way that computers are becoming a part of if not a major part in the home entertainment industry it was the perfect relationship.
This has proven to be a strong relationship seeing both companies growing and working better and closer over time.


  known in our house as Super Greg, we can rely on him to fix any technical TV problem. Always reliable, I have known Greg for the last 10 years and he's never let us down. Whether it's installation, maintenance or tackling a TV problem, he's the best"
Kay Burley-Sky News

  "I've used Greg's services on many occasions over the years to install and service my Sky system around my house and he has always done a fantastic job"
Jono Coleman-BBC London 94.9 & GMTV

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